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Solidify your self-knowledge through counseling and psychotherapy

Counseling involves working through emotional challenges with a psychologist, and typically involves talk therapy. Counseling is best suited for clients who can think rationally and focus on building upon frameworks to collaboratively find solutions with their therapist. It is a specific approach and usually focuses on one problem at a time for both short-term and long-term issues. Many counselors will work to expose troubling and difficult emotional experiences and help you to recognize and talk through them.

On the other hand, psychotherapy delves much deeper than counseling. A consistent effort is made by psychotherapists over an extended period of time to uncover profound emotional issues, including trauma, and other factors that contribute to the client’s current mental state. This process entails introspective exploration of the client’s personality, thoughts, and emotions, with the goal of providing therapeutic enlightenment. Psychotherapy facilitates profound insights into the longstanding challenges of the individual and has the ability to address multiple issues simultaneously. You can book a session here.

Feel Better

The most important thing about making change – and wanting to feel better means making a change – is taking the first step. Booking an appointment is easy for some and more challenging for others. It depends on how you think about it. Will this be a prudent decision or a show of weakness? Beliefs such as these are just that, “beliefs” that exist in the mind. So make no mistake. Our beliefs about our emotional needs alter our behavior. – Richard Anton Therapy. The Psychologists.

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The Psychologists, Psychologists

The Goal of Therapy

The goal of therapy is always unique for every person, but “firming up the self and helping patients fulfill their nuclear self-ambitions. These ambitions . . . . face our own limitations.” this is a quote from Grace for the Injured Self by Cooper & Randall

I became a therapist because I thrive on tuning in and connecting with others. I am passionate about it. You will find me intently listening to your story while I formulate ideas about how to dig deeper, helping you unearth insight and opportunities for growth, so that you can feel better, now.

My goal as your therapist is to help you untangle and create awareness around how your behavior patterns are intimately connected to your thoughts, emotions, and past experiences. I will help you look at your situation in a new light and treat yourself with more compassion. Love who you are, and treat that person very well. I can help you do that.

I am available for virtual sessions on Wednesdays & Thursday between 9 AM and 5:30 PM.


If you can focus just for a moment, not on your concerns regardless of what they are, not on the last few months, or the next year, but narrow your awareness for a moment you will begin to change. In this very moment, with your focused awareness on your body, and this will only take a moment – if wanting to feel better is truly a priority – you may ask yourself “how do I feel in my body?” “Where do I feel things in my body?” Then accept those physical feelings with love and acceptance, not judgement and criticism. This is the process of “grounding ourselves.”

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Calgary Extreme Self-care

If your emotional needs mean that you’re searching for a psychological clinic that can bill your insurance company directly, we can accommodate you, but a credit card on file continues to be a requirement to create an appointment. Once you’re at your appointment we’ll be able to do a “predetermination” and bill your insurance company directly. – Richard Anton Therapy

“Without any guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge from various sources. The right mentors know where to focus your attention and how to challenge you. Choose the mentor who best fits your needs and connects to your Life’s Task.”Robert Greene

The Psychologists, Psychologists
 emotional needs, The Psychologists, Psychologists

“I fully appreciate what it’s like to feel emotionally vulnerable with another person. I’ve been there myself, so you won’t be surprised to learn that my priority will be to be gentle, understanding, and respectful with you.” If you’re looking for an emotional fix, consider working with someone who has experience with both sides of the therapeutic process, and can assist you to self-improve.

 emotional needs, The Psychologists, Psychologists
 emotional needs, The Psychologists, Psychologists

Explore Your Unique Emotional Fix

Our process is a strongly positive one, so let’s start on the right track. I do not know precisely what you are going to do that will ultimately fulfill your needs. We’ll talk about “what’s most meaningful to you in the moment.” We’ll also focus on the “desired outcome” you want. Then we’ll shift to the tasks required to move you into the direction of your “desired outcome.” Come prepared with your discoveries, questions, ideas, and stuff you want to work on. We’ll focus on bringing a clear focus to your unique set of strengths.

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“Why should we want to play a competitive game in a field where we have no advantages. Maybe disadvantages. Use your advantages. If you try to succeed in what you’re worst at, you’re going to have a very lousy career. I can almost guarantee it.” – Charlie Munger, Stanford University Law School


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Feeling Solutions


Get the emotional fix you’re looking for – a feeling solution. Ask your psychologist to assist you in exploring the potential options you’d like to consider more thoroughly.

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What’s Most Important to you?


Request a strength-focused assessment and discover your most valuable strengths. Each assessment comes with six sessions to insure that you can successfully integrate the results into your life.

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If experience is important to you, we have psychologists with unique experience to contribute to your therapeutic experience.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Set yourself up to experience personal or professional success and all that life has to offer. Self exploration and psychological assessments will get you there fast. – Richard Anton Therapy

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This is a boutique operation providing Executive Coaching, for those interested in Leadership, High-Performance, and Emotional Intelligence. Psychologists also provide individual sessions.

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